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# Enable atime zfs set atime=on zfspool # Disable atime zfs set atime=off zfspool Bonus Get all ZFS properties zfs get all Get all ZFS properties from 2015-09-09.09:36:17 zfs set atime=off rpool/export/home. but no update for access time. I'd like to set atime=off for zfs on application servers, but would like

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  1. recordsize=1M, xattr=sa, ashift=13, atime=off, compression=lz4 — ZFS 101—Understanding ZFS storage and performance Learn to get the most out of your ZFS
  2. zfs get recordsize,compression,atime,sync,primarycache,secondarycache NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE zp_ssd recordsize 4K local zp_ssd compression off default zp_ssd
  3. ZFS atime and relatime #2466. CMCDragonkai opened this issue Jul 7, 2014 · 2 comments Labels. Type: Documentation. Milestone. 0.6.3. Comments. Copy link Quote reply
  4. So, I've been trying to turn atime off, but no matter what I do, as soon as I mount a dataset, atime immediately changes to on with temporary as the source. I have
  5. # zfs set atime=off <pool>/<dataset> An alternative to turning off atime completely, relatime is available. This brings the default ext4/XFS atime semantics to
  6. Have you ever asked yourself, what the difference between the mount option atime and relatime is? In this short blog post, we tell you the main difference of these

After creating a raidz pool in degraded state (creating and removing sparse file) using recommended options for Windows in Linux, zfs get atime pool returns value:on atime aktualisieren oder nicht; exec oder nicht; recordsize; Datasets werden mit dem Befehl zfs verwaltet. Dataset anlegen . zfs create legt Datasets und 19.8. ZFS-Eigenschaften und Terminologie. Das Z-Dateisystem, oder kurz ZFS, ist ein fortgeschrittenes Dateisystem, das entwickelt wurde, um viele der großen Probleme ZFS tuning cheat sheet. Quick and dirty cheat sheet for anyone getting ready to set up a new ZFS pool. Here are all the settings you'll want to think about, and the

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ZFS Tunables. 2019-03-03 - christian - hardware, linux, server, zfs. In diesem Beitrag erkläre ich einige Punkte, welche die Performance von ZFS deutlich # zpool history History for 'tank': 2013-02-26.23:02:35 zpool create tank mirror /dev/ada0 /dev/ada1 2013-02-27.18:50:58 zfs set atime = off tank 2013-02-27.18:51:09

# zfs list -o recordsize,primarycache,compression,compressratio,atime,name -r MYSQL-DATA -r MYSQL-LOG RECSIZE PRIMARYCACHE COMPRESS RATIO ATIME NAME 128K all lz4 $ sudo zfs set atime=off myvol. To verify that it has been turned off, use the zfs get atime command: $ sudo zfs get atime myvol NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE zfs set atime=off (pool) this disables the Accessed attribute on every file that is accessed, this can double IOPS; zfs set recordsize=(value) (pool/vdev) The # zfs set atime=off datatank. 確認 # zfs get atime datatank datatank/share NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE datatank atime off local datatank/share atime off

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